Reading Lists, Learning Objectives, and CME

C-cert Activity Description

Continuous Certification (C-cert) activities provide subspecialty learning and knowledge assessment to ensure that diplomates are staying up to date on the latest science, treatments and therapeutics relating to their subspecialty. The annual C-cert activities include: 1) reading the subspecialty Reading List of journal articles relevant to their UCNS certification, and 2) taking and passing the subspecialty-specific 25-question online post-reading quiz to assess knowledge gained from the journal article content.

Article reading lists are posted annually on the website starting in January of each year to allow diplomates ample time to read the articles in preparation for their C-cert quiz. The lists include links to the journal articles or abstracts submitted by subspecialty peers and are selected by each subspecialty’s certification examination committees based on the article selection criteria. Diplomates should access and read the full designated articles on their subspecialty's reading list which may require utilizing alternative journal links, downloads, or hard copies. Please refer to the publisher’s copyright notice and policies.

Review the C-cert learning objectives and continuing medical education (CME) instructions and information in the subspecialty links below.

Article Access and Cost

  • For easy article reference, when accessing articles from publisher websites, download a copy of the file when you initially access it as some sites limit the number of times you can access articles in a month if you do not have a subscription
  • Some articles will be available without paying a fee or may require that you register on a website before you can gain free access to an article
  • Journals associated with professional societies may have free access with membership to the society
  • Purchase may be required to access some articles online, which will require you to buy the article or have a subscription to the journal
  • Hospitals, medical institutions, or medical schools may provide free access to journal articles through their library
  • Public libraries may have access to articles for a reduced cost

Article Submissions

UCNS engages its neurologic subspecialties in the process of identifying the most important developments in their subspecialty field for consideration of inclusion in the annual C-cert reading lists. The UCNS invites diplomates to submit the journal articles or practice guidelines that meet the submission criteria.

Archived Reading Lists

Archived reading lists can be found by clicking here.

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