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C-cert Activity Description

The Continuous Certification (C-cert) activities provide subspecialty learning and knowledge assessment to ensure that diplomates are staying up to date on the latest science, treatments, and therapeutics relating to their subspecialty. The annual activities include: 1) reading the subspecialty  journal articles, and 2) taking and passing the 25-question online post-reading quiz to assess knowledge gained from the journal article content. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this UCNS C-cert activity, participants will be able to:
  • Identify potential drug-drug interactions related to migraine headache management
  • List the diagnostic criteria for cluster headache and select appropriate therapy for a patient with cluster headache
  • Identify specific diagnoses that underly facial pain and discuss appropriate management of various etiologies of facial pain
  • Describe diagnostic criteria for headache disorders in children and adolescents and identify appropriate management strategies
  • Identify features of giant cell arteritis and discuss management of the disorder


The UCNS complies with all standards and policies of the ACCME, including identification and resolution of all conflicts of interest prior to the educational activity being delivered to learners. Accordingly, UCNS  planners, authors, and staff comply with the UCNS’s Conflicts of Interest Policy

2023 C-cert Activity Planner Disclosures
All relevant financial relationships have been mitigated.

Headache Medicine Certification Examination Committee Contributors

Jerry W. Swanson, MD, Chair, Mayo Clinic – Rochester
Disclosures: Receives compensation from UpToDate for editorial services.

Robert G. Kaniecki, MD, Vice Chair, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose.

P. Christopher H. Gottschalk, MD, Yale Neurology – Headache Division
Disclosures: Serves on Consulting and Advisory Boards for Linpharma, Impel, Currax, Biodelivery Sciences, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Spherix Global Insights; Headache Cooperative of New England (HCNE), Board member; President, Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy.

Christopher B. Oakley, MD, Johns Hopkins University – Department of Child Neurology
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose.

Nina Riggins, MD, University of California San Diego
Disclosures: Consultant for Gerson Lehrman Group; NeurologyLive Advisory Board - was compensated for editor's work on October 2021 issue; Compensated for lectures, presentations on behalf of AHS and as invited speaker at the American Association of Pain Psychology; research support Miles for Migraine; Dr. Riggins is principal investigator and her institution University of California received compensation for work with company Electrocore and Eli Lilly; Participated in compensated work with AcademicCME (publication); Was not compensated but received devices for Research Clinical trials from Theraspecs, Dolor technologies; board member of Miles for Migraine (noncompensated).

Hossain Ansari, MD, Kaizen Brain Center
Disclosures: Received compensation for: 1. Consultant for developing clinical trial, Neoma Pharma, Basel Switzerland 2. Consultant for editing clinal trial protocol, Biohaven Pharma, USA; Advisory boards: Impel Pharmaceutical; Speaker’s Bureau: Abbvie Pharmaceutical, Amgen Pharmaceutical, Elli Lilly Co, Biohaven Pharmaceutical, Lundbeck pharma, Collegium Pharmaceutical; Expert Witness for: 1. Litili Group 2. Foland, Wickens, Roper, Hofer & Crawford, P.C 3. MedLegal Network; Compensation from the AAN for authoring questions for the “Neuro Self-Assessment Exam” (Neuro SAE).

Thomas Berk, MD, NYU Langone Health
Disclosures: Receives compensation from Neura Health.

Debra G. Davis, MD, LSU Health – Shreveport
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose.

Stephanie J. Nahas, MD, Thomas Jefferson University/Jefferson Headache Center
Disclosures: Received consulting fees from Alder/Lundbeck (ended October 2021), Allergan/AbbVie, Amgen/Novartis (ended April 2021), Axsome (ended January 2022), BioDelivery Sciences (ended February 2022), Biohaven (ended November 2021), Eli Lilly (ended April 2022), Fenix Group International (ended July 2021), Nesos Corp (formerly Vorso Corp, ended September 2020), Teva (ended October 2021); advisory board compensation from Allergan/AbbVie, Nesos Corp (formerly Vorso Corp, ended September 2020); speakers bureau Eli Lilly (ended September 2021); editorial compensation received from American Academy of Neurology, American Headache Society, Evolve Med Ed, Massachusetts Medical Society, MedLink Neurology, MJH Life Sciences, NACCME, Neurology Learning Network, Pennsylvania Neurologic Society, Springer, WebMD/Medscape, Wolters-Kluwer; American Headache Society, At-Large Board Member; expert witness for Jackson & Campbell; research support Teva (Ended March 2021, payment to institution for 2% salary support).

Staff Contact

Bryan Hagerla, Continuous Certification Manager
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose.
[email protected]
(612) 928-6326