Continuous Certification Reading List Submission Criteria

Article Submissions

UCNS is engaging each of its neurologic subspecialties in the process of identifying the most important developments in their subspecialty field. The UCNS invites its certified diplomates and the subspecialty sponsoring organizations to submit the journal articles or practice guidelines that meet the submission criteria.

Reading List Submission Criteria

The following criteria has been established for C-cert subspecialty reading list submissions:
  • Reflects recent advances within the past four years or current clinical knowledge in the subspecialty field
  • Clinically relevant articles
  • Drawn from peer-reviewed journals relevant to the subspecialty and/or the related primary specialty field
  • New or updated practice guidelines published in print or electronic form
  • Available to and easily accessible by UCNS diplomates
Submissions must include:
  • Title/volume/issue/date of journal article or resource
  • Article author(s)
  • Hyperlink to the online article or resource
Articles submitted by June 30 are considered for inclusion in the reading list for the following year.

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Review and Selection Procedure

​​All submissions will be reviewed by the subspecialty’s examination committee, a committee of subject matter experts who are nominated by the subspecialty‘s sponsoring organization(s). Committee members may include additional articles that are not included in the original submissions. The examination committee will select the annual reading list based on:
  • Clinical importance of the article
  • Relevance to the subspecialty’s field and clinical practice
  • Submission criteria compliance

Staff Contact

Bryan Hagerla, Continuous Certification Manager
[email protected]
(612) 928-6326