Subspecialty Reading Lists

The article reading lists include links to the journal articles or abstracts. Diplomates should access and read the full designated articles which may require utilizing alternative journal links, downloads, or hard copies. Please refer to the publisher’s copyright notice and policies.

2020 Reading Lists

Autonomic Disorders
(Adobe PDF File)
Headache Medicine
(Adobe PDF File)
Neurocritical Care
(Adobe PDF File)
(Adobe PDF File)
(Adobe PDF File)

C-cert Quizzes

C-cert quizzes will be available on the UCNS website in the spring of 2020.  The 25-multiple choice question quizzes and are an online, low-stakes knowledge assessment and learning experience that test the diplomate knowledge of journal article reading list content. Diplomates may refer to journal articles as needed while completing a quiz. Incorrect answers will be identified upon submission of the quiz and correct rationale will be provided to bridge the knowledge gap. Quizzes must be completed in a single, time-limited 90-minute session. Diplomates will have up to three attempts to pass the quiz with a minimum 80% pass rate. 

Article Access and Cost

  • For easy article reference, when accessing articles from publisher websites, download a copy of the file when you initially access it as some sites limit the number of times you can access articles in a month if you do not have a subscription
  • Some articles will be available without paying a fee or may require that you register on a website before you can gain free access to an article
  • Journals associated with professional societies may have free access with membership to the society
  • Purchase may be required to access some articles online, which will require you to buy the article or have a subscription to the journal
  • Hospitals, medical institutions, or medical schools may provide free access to journal articles through their library
  • Public libraries may have access to articles for a reduced cost