United Council for Nuerologic Subspecialties


UCNS Membership and Subspecialty Recognition

Leaders in the field of neurology saw a need for emerging subspecialties to have an avenue for certification and accreditation in their field. Small subspecialties have the opportunity to pursue certification and program accreditation under a rigorous and reputable process developed and overseen by the UCNS. Neurologic subspecialties that have developed to the point that they can demonstrate they are discrete practice areas with a unique body of knowledge may apply for subspecialty recognition through the UCNS. Through the UCNS recognition application process, small neurologic subspecialties begin the first steps of strategically developing and defining the standards of competence for physicians and the measures of excellence for training programs in the subspecialty field.

Applications are reviewed by the UCNS Board of Directors who are leaders in the field of neurology. Subspecialties approved for recognition are guided through the process of developing the examination that certifies the knowledge and skills of physicians and the accreditation criteria that recognizes excellence in fellowship training programs.

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