United Council for Nuerologic Subspecialties


What is a program change?

UCNS must be notified in advance of any major changes. Examples of major changes and the materials that must be submitted to UCNS are listed below. Failure to notify UCNS of these changes as they occur may result in loss of accreditation by administrative withdrawal.

What constitutes a program change?

Substantive changes to the program, including, but not limited to, change in program director, number of fellows trained, program duration, and program institutions, that occur between review cycles must be submitted for review and approval. Temporary changes, such as an increase in the fellow complement for one year, must also be approved.

How do I submit my request?

To submit a request, please use the provided template as a guide and submit the attachments indicated below. All signatures and attachments must be received before a program change request may be processed. The provided templates must be used. Program changes reviews are generally completed within six to eight weeks once all materials are received.

  • A change in program director
    • Program change notification letter signed by department chair
    • Program director CV
    • Program director information table
  • A change in the sponsoring institution
    • Program change notification letter
    • Sponsoring institution letter signed by ACGME-approved designated institution official
    • Institution tables
  • Loss of significant resources
    • Program change notification letter
  • Discontinuation or addition of rotations to participating sites
    • Program change notification letter
    • Institution tables
    • For addition of site: Participating institution letter
  • A change in program duration, including implementation of flexible fellowships
    • Program change notification letter
    • Graphic display of curriculum
    • List of didactics
  • A change in the fellow complement
    • Program change notification letter
    • Core faculty table

What happens when I submit my request?

UCNS staff will review your request to ensure all pieces and signatures are present. Once the request is complete, it will be sent to the Accreditation Council for review. UCNS staff will notify the program with the Accreditation Council?s decision in approximately six to eight weeks.


Please link to the attached documents accordingly
  1. Program Change Request Letter (.docx)
  2. CV (.docx)
  3. Program Director Information Table (.docx)
  4. Institution Letter (.docx)
  5. Institution Tables (.docx)
  6. Graphic Display of Curriculum (.docx)
  7. List of Didactics (.docx)
  8. Core Faculty Table (.docx)