Neurologic Subspecialties Now Have the Option to Apply for UCNS Recognition for Accreditation-only

07-21-2020 Emerging neurologic subspecialties now have options when they apply for subspecialty recognition through the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS). The UCNS Board of Directors  approved an accreditation-only option for subspecialties wishing to seek UCNS subspecialty recognition  and accreditation for their subspecialty training programs.

The UCNS accredits neurologic subspecialty training programs that meet the educational standards established by the subspecialty and awards certification to physicians who demonstrate their knowledge in one or more of the UCNS neurologic subspecialty areas. The accreditation-only option provides an opportunity for subspecialties to offer accreditation for fellowship training programs while evaluating the interest and sustainability of providing certification for the subspecialty. Subspecialties applying for recognition may now opt for UCNS accreditation and certification or for accreditation-only for the subspecialty. “The UCNS organizational vision is to help small neurologic subspecialties develop credibility and grow. The UCNS Board recognizes that there are fellowship training programs developing for many emerging subspecialties, but it may be too early for them to support a certification process. Offering an accreditation-only option aligns with the UCNS mission and vision and provides an opportunity for neurologic subspecialties to have a process for development and oversight of their training program standards that they would not otherwise have during their early growth,” stated Paul G. Fisher, MD, UCNS Board Chair. “Subspecialties applying for accreditation-only may request the implementation of certification at a later date when sustainable growth and interest is demonstrated.”

The peer-reviewed accreditation process is overseen by the Accreditation Council , a standing committee reporting to the UCNS Board of Directors. Fellowship training programs accredited by the UCNS take pride in their achievements and can communicate the meaning and significance of accreditation within their institutions and to residents pursuing advanced training in their chosen neurologic subspecialty. Accreditation is a program distinction that residents can use to identify training programs that contain the core subspecialty training curriculum developed by experts from leading institutions across the country. There are currently 206 UCNS-accredited fellowship training programs  across eight neurologic subspecialties. Neurologic subspecialties interested in applying for UCNS recognition will find information on the UCNS website at