Virtual Proctoring Overview

All UCNS certification examinations are high-stakes examinations administered online with virtual live proctoring. This new process provides accessibility, flexibility, and convenience for taking certification examinations in the comfort of your home or alternative location. Remote proctors use strict security and authentication confirmation techniques via web camera to confirm examinee identification and record each candidate in real time to ensure the testing environment is secure. 

Preparing for the Exam - Technical Requirements

To facilitate the best possible experience for online exam administration and virtual proctoring, the following requirements should be reviewed and tested well in advance of exam day to provide sufficient time to problem solve any potential technical issues or needs.
  • Test your internet speed at  
  • A hardwired internet connection is preferred. A wireless connection can be unstable and increase the risk of disconnection during the exam.
    • A speed lower than 10 Mbps will not ensure optimal performance during the exam. We strongly encourage finding a better internet connection prior to exam day if your internet speed does not meet the required minimum.
  • Review the ProctorU Equipment Requirements and troubleshooting information.
  • Computer and testing location must be free of firewalls and restrictions to download the necessary test administration software on exam day. NOTE: This program cannot be downloaded prior to examination day and must be done at the scheduled date and time of the exam.
  • Connect computer or laptop directly to a power source to avoid battery running low during the exam.
  • Have a computer web camera that can conduct a proctor-directed room and desktop scan to verify a secure setting (laptop or exterior camera preferred for mobility).
  • You must have a web camera, speakers, and microphone available and functional for the duration of the exam.
  • Web camera, speakers, and microphone must be available and functional for the duration of the examination so the proctor can see and communicate with the candidate for the duration of the examination.
  • Do not use Internet Explorer to take the exam. Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended.
  • Examinee's browser will be locked down for the duration of the examination except for connection to the online examination.
  • No dual monitors are allowed during the exam. Any other monitors must be disconnected, and the screens must be facing away from the examinee.
  • Pop-up blocker MUST be disabled before connecting to a live proctor to run the exam properly.
  • Technical issues encountered during the exam may require rescheduling of the examination during the examination week.
  • In the event of suspicious activity, proctors can online chat with a candidate or request a camera re-scan of the room to investigate.
  • Review the ProctorU Online Proctoring FAQs and the "Candidate Experience" video included in the FAQs

Candidate Notification and Scheduling

  • Applicants are notified about their application determination by email approximately 16 weeks prior to the examination week.
  • At the time of notification, approved applicants are provided instructions to sign into the examination platform to schedule their examination time.
  • During the scheduling period, examinees are able to schedule their examination for any time during the examination week. For optimal technical support availability, it is recommended that examinees schedule their exam time during the hours of 8 am – 7 pm Eastern Time on examination dates.
  • Allow an additional one hour to the total testing time for the online proctoring connection, verification process, and the allotted break time.
  • Applicants and examinees should keep their email and mailing address information updated in their UCNS online profile to ensure delivery of notifications and examination results.

Testing Location

  • Examinations may be taken at home or an alternative location that meets the technical requirements. Due to security firewalls and software download restrictions at institutions, examinees are cautioned against choosing their work location as a testing site.
  • Arrange to complete the exam in a private location, with a door that must remain closed for the duration of the exam.
  • Your physical workspace must be clear of paperwork. All books, binders, and notes must be removed from the candidate’s reach.
  • Candidate must be alone in the room
  • No leaving the seat or talking during the examination

Permissible and Prohibited Items for the Exam Day

  • Government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport, or work visa) MUST be available and presented to the proctor on exam day. 
  • No phones, headphones, or Bluetooth devices of any kind may be used during the exam.
  • Soft uncorded foam earplugs may be used for noise canceling and must be shown to the proctor for approval prior to starting the examination. 
  • Examinees are allowed to have a beverage in a clear, spill-proof container with no label.
  • No devices with memory capabilities are allowed. Audible beepers, cell phones, smart watches, headphones, tablets, books, or papers must be removed from the candidate’s reach.
  • All UCNS certification exams are closed-book. Access to reference materials during the exam is not permissible.
  • An online calculator will be available during testing.
  • One break, up to 15 minutes, is allowed after submission of the first half of the examination questions. Upon returning from a break, candidates will not have access to questions previously answered or viewed.

Late Admittance and Cancellation Policy

If an examinee attempts to connect to the proctor more than 15-minutes after the scheduled start time, they will not be able to complete the exam. It may be possible to reschedule the exam within the current testing window, subject to remote proctor availability. Contact ProctorU for assistance.

Exam Day Technical Support

Proctors are trained to handle basic online issues as needed during examinations. While there is technical support available 24/7 via phone or live chat in the event of technical issues during examinations, advanced support staffing is available between the hours of 8 am - 7pm Eastern Time. It is recommended that examinations be scheduled between the advanced support hours for optimal assistance if needed.

ProctorU Contact Information

Phone: (855) 772-8678, Option 1
Text Support (prior to cconnection time): Submit a help request to ProctorU
Text Support (during connection time): ​Live chat support available to candidates
Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Staff Contacts

Todd Bulson, Senior Manager Certification
[email protected]
(612) 928-6067