Program Requirements

The core subspecialty training curriculum for each UCNS-recognized subspecialty is developed by experts from leading institutions across the country who are appointed by the subspecialty’s sponsoring organization(s). UCNS-accredited fellowship programs demonstrate their compliance with the curriculum standards through a peer-reviewed process with the oversight of Accreditation Council. Graduates of UCNS-accredited programs are eligible to apply for UCNS certification examinations.

Common Program Requirements

The common program requirements are standards required of accredited programs in all UCNS subspecialties. The requirements are reviewed at a minimum of every five years and changes may be proposed by the Accreditation Council for approval by the Board of Directors after a 30-day stakeholder comment period.

Common Program Requirements 

Subspecialty Program Requirements

Subspecialty sponsoring organizations define the subspecialty-specific requirements for UCNS-accredited training programs. The common program requirements are part of all subspecialty program requirements.

Autonomic Disorders
Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry 
Clinical Neuromuscular Pathology 
Geriatric Neurology 
Headache Medicine
Interventional Neurology
Neonatal Neurocritical Care 
Neurocritical Care

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