About UCNS

UCNS Mission

To promote high quality patient-centered care through accreditation of training programs and certification of physicians in neurologic subspecialties.

UCNS Vision

To help small neurologic subspecialties develop credibility and grow.

UCNS History

Advances in neuroscience were occurring at an explosive rate, giving birth to innovative technologies and treatments which promised dramatic improvements in neurologic care. By 2000, 75 percent of neurology residents sought to enter fellowship programs to develop subspecialty expertise. Although there were abundant opportunities for neurology fellowships, training requirements varied considerably, and most fellowships were not accredited and their graduates not certified. To provide a means for formal recognition of emerging neurologic subspecialties and an opportunity to improve training for subspecialties through the development of training and clinical competence standards, the leaders in the field of Neurology collaborated to support and nurture neurologic subspecialties.

The American Academy of Neurology developed the Commission on Subspecialty Certification comprised of five leading neurology organizations with a common interest of supporting and nurturing neurologic subspecialties: 2002
The five founding parent organizations established the structure, function, and budget for an accrediting and certifying body for emerging subspecialties

The United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS) was incorporated as an independent 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization.

Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry is the first subspecialty recognized by UCNS

Clinical Neuromuscular Pathology, Headache Medicine, Neurocritical Care, Neuroimaging, and Neuro-oncology recognized by UCNS

UCNS accredits its first programs and offers its first certification examinations

Autonomic Disorders and Geriatric Neurology recognized by UCNS

Neural Repair and Rehabilitation recognized by UCNS

  • Annual reporting launched for accredited programs
  • First recertification examinations offered
  • Last recertification examinations offered
  • Fellowship evaluations implemented
UCNS begins transition to Continuous Certification (C-Cert)

  • Inaugural year of C-cert implementation
  • Interventional Neurology recognized by UCNS