Two permanent councils provide peer oversight of UCNS accreditation and certification activities. Council member nominations are submitted by the five parent organizations and approved by the UCNS Board Chair. Councils report to the Board of Directors.

Accreditation Council

The Accreditation Council sets accreditation policy and acts on requests for accreditation submitted by training programs.

  • Eric Sorenson, MD, MD, Chair
  • Holli Horak, MD, FAAN, Vice Chair
  • Alexander P. Auchus, MD
  • Christopher Oakley, MD
  • James Owens, MD, PhD
  • Katherine Peters, MD, PhD
  • Sanjay P. Singh, MD
  • Louis H. Weimer, MD
  • Amanda Carpenter

Certification Council

The Certification Council sets certification policy and oversees the work of physician committees that develop certification examinations in each subspecialty.


  • Matthew E. Fink, MD, Chair
  • Bruce H. Cohen, MD, FAAN
  • Darren R. Gitelman, MD
  • Yasmin Khakoo, MD
  • Melissa W. Ko, MD, FAAN
  • Jun Li, MD, PhD
  • Alireza Minagar, MD
  • Nimish A. Mohile, MD
  • David Urion, MD
  • Todd Bulson